Competitive advantage incentives

Sector-Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS)


This is an export-focused incentive that encourages industrial sectors prioritised by the dti to pursue export markets.


Non-profit business sector organisations, such as Export Councils, Joint Action Groups and industry associations.

Qualifying sectors are as follows:

  • Aerospace, rail and marine
  • Agro-processing
  • Automotive
  • Business Process Outsourcing services
  • Capital equipment and allied services
  • Chemical and allied industries
  • Creative industries
  • Electro-technical
  • Film production
  • Metals and allied industries
  • Pre-qualified ICT services
  • Pre-qualified tourism services
  • Textiles and clothing


Generic Funding - R50 000 grant for establishing export council.

Grant for marketing, advertising and publicity costs on a 2:1 basis, to a maximum of R1m.

Project Funding – 80:20 cost-sharing grant for projects to develop particular sectors, find new export markets and promote black SMMEs, women, youth and people with disabilities.

Project Funding for Emerging Exporters – Travel & accommodation, exhibition costs, transport of samples and marketing materials, to a maximum of R1.5 million.

Implementing Agency

The Department of Trade & Industry


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