the dti

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) promotes structural transformation creating a dynamic industrial and globally competitive economy. It broadens participation in the economy to strengthen economic development and continually aims to respond effectively to the needs of South Africa’s economic citizens. MORE>>


The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is the national development finance institution promoting economic growth and industrial development. The organisation’s primary objectives are to contribute to the creation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in South Africa and the rest of Africa. MORE>>


Quick Press

Life is much easier at Quick Press Manufacturing since the company upgraded its machinery through the Department of Trade and Industry's Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme (MCEP).

Success Stories


We are proud of our manufacturing partners who have used the Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme to move to the next level.


mcep-woodlands insidethumbEastern Cape dairy concern Woodlands Dairy saw its UHT milk production almost double after receiving funding from the Industrial Development Corporation’s Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme.

mcep-exclisiv insidethumbWhen his sister wanted a new indoor braai, Ricus Meyer got to work. His stainless steel creations were so sought-after, he founded a company, ExclusivDesign, which now supplies a variety of items around the country and the world.

mcep-reba insidethumbA larger premises, made possible by funding from the Department of Trade and Industry, will help a Johannesburg manufacturer fulfil its expansion goals.

anchortapes landing-thumbA significant increase in output, enhanced quality and improved efficiency are seeing adhesive company Anchor Technical tapes grow from strength to strength.

candela thumb-insideA few months ago, Candela Luminescence turned to the Manufacturing Competitiveness Enhancement Programme for funds to grow the company. It soon had the cash and had employed extra staff to keep up with new business.

delta thumb-insideA Pretoria company develops and produces vaccines for livestock, concentrating on diseases unique to Africa and the Middle East. It is expanding its product range, and sees its future firmly entrenched across the continent.