Competitive advantage incentives

The Gold Financing Scheme has been set up to provide working capital loans to gold jewellery manufacturers.


Existing gold jewellery manufacturers


The business must have economic merit;

• Client must require a minimum of 4kg and a maximum of 10kg of gold;

• The client must have a secured contract/s;

• Funding will only be available for manufacturing activities taking place in South Africa;

• Financial contribution from owners will be required. This will be determined on a project-by-project basis;

• The client must possess requisite statutory approvals and documents for handling precious metals;

• Only existing businesses will be funded;

• Security will be required, such will be determined on a case-by-case basis;

• The client must comply with the IDC’s normal funding requirements;

• The client must have adequate insurance against gold loss; and

• Acceptable physical security and metals management systems will be required.


The working capital loans under the scheme are provided at a fixed interest rate of 3% per annum.

The IDC’s business support programme offers non-financial support to entrepreneurs. The support is available pre- and post-approval.

Implementing Agency

Industrial Development Corporation


Applications can be done online via or submitted to any IDC office

Download the Gold Loan Scheme brochure [PDF, 1.57Mb]