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International Trade Agreements: South Africa’s preferential market access agreements

This FTA applies to trade relations between SACU and individual EFTA states covering trade in industrial goods (including fish and other marine products) and processed agricultural products. 

The Agreement also provides for future non-binding engagements on issues such as intellectual property, investment, trade in services and government procurement. EFTA countries do not have a common agricultural policy and basic agricultural products were negotiated separately. Three Bilateral Agricultural Agreements were concluded between SACU and individual EFTA states, which form part of the main Agreement and came into force at the same time as the FTA. On the EFTA side tariffs on industrial goods were eliminated upon entry into force of the Agreement; i.e. all customs duties on imports of originating products from SACU have been abolished.

SACU shall progressively reduce customs on imports of originating products from the EFTA states. The tariff reduction schedules are set out on the assumption that the Agreement came into force on 1 January 2006 and are not affected by any delays in the actual date on which the FTA came into force.