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International Trade Agreements: Current trade negotiations

In 2009, the Members States of SADC, the EAC and COMESA initiated a wide-ranging initiative for integration that will be built on market integration, industrial development and infrastructure. 

Once concluded, the T-FTA will combine the markets of 26 countries with a population of nearly 600 million people and a combined GDP of US$1 trillion, providing the market scale that could launch a sizeable part of the continent onto a new developmental trajectory. Implementation of the T-FTA is scheduled for 2015.

The T-FTA will form the basis for an Africa-wide FTA, which is expected to create a market of US$2.6 trillion. This will address the challenge of small and fragmented economies in Africa. A larger, more integrated and growing market would enhance the interest of foreign investors in Africa and provide a basis for enhanced intra-African trade. This envisaged Continental FTA (C-FTA) will therefore widen and build on the integration initiatives already under way.